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Jean Jacques Rousseau

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Erich Fromm

Edgar Morin"

Une Education Authentique (A genuine Education)
The CREA , Center of Reflection for a Genuine Education, was created in November 2007, in order to think about the school system, the family, the medias, the limits of the learning system through fragmentation, through structure…

The CREA wants to work for an education that would integrate the mental attitude, the body, the vital, the inner mind, the interrelationship…
This center editates a monthly letter on the Internet you can ask to receive:
- Les Champs Dessus,
71300 Mary - France

Concerning Genuine Education

Jean Piaget

Maria Montessori

Nascita Center – Child and online life Magazine

Célestin Freinet

Ovide Decroly

Rudolph Steiner

Alexander Neil"

Albert Jacquard
Philippe Meirieu

Alice Miller

Francoise Dolto

Jacques Dartan
Les jeux de l'homme et de la femme (On Line PDF format)

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