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Qui suis-je ?

Born on January 29, 1951 in Paris France
Married and mother of Sébastien and Cécile
Grand- mother of six suns : Fanny, Nathanaël Mathieu, Egan, Yorick and Sacha

«When you feel inside the happiness of understanding yourself, dare becoming who you are»
Martine Guenneau

Mareille, this day of 2020,

To my reader,

As a child, I did not make any personal choices: they were enforced by adults, "It is for your own good" as they used to say !

Aged 10, a teacher said I had very little skills and I was a dummy. On their side, my parents had financial difficulties. Hence, I found myself enrolled into a O level (currently a GCSC) when I was 13. As this diploma was delivered for people aged 14 or more, I had to repeat the final year to meet the age criterion !

This is not the beginning of an autobiography but merely a few lines on the story of my life, which I wanted to share with you.

My life as a wife, a spouse, a mother, a grandmother, and my professional experience as a teacher, followed by three years of university studies in philosophy of education, led me to start my own investigations on the meaning of life, human beings and their place in the world and peace.

In the steps of the large peace movement against war in Iraq, I reali
zed I should be engaged into peace process.

As a self learner, I then took time to think and try to understand, I observed, experimented and analysed, picked up information on the Internet network, watched video-tapes and CDs, analysed... (cf my bibliography, my approach on education, observation places - encounters).

I think this long period of research is now fruitful and today, with passion and happiness, I let myself be guided by my own desire to exchange here, with you, through the blog of this Internet site, on the topics of being and having, of another education for another humanity,
of inner peace for a world of peace (title of this site).

New educational approaches could be based on a vision of this world of being, the philosophy of life, the
psychoanalysis, love and sexuality, differences between male and female, and, of course, research in Social Sciences at the international level...

Before you find peace in the world, you have to find peace within yourself. In order "to create a new spirit", it seems to me impossible not to start with oneself.
As an adult, trying to change oneself in order to better understand oneself, changing of attitude, going from power to observation is not an easy task. Trying to overcome the obstacles surrounding us, involves being aware of help our relations with others can bring (1).

Analyzing our daily actions, being confident in ourselves and persevering will take us a step closer to self-knowledge, to our being and our place in the world.
As a 59 year
s old, I have experienced a lot, I have made my mistakes, and I have learned from them. I can now share my own experience with you, reflecting upon it with you, in the hope of making this world better.(je n’ai pas trouvé ce paragraphe comme tel dans ton texte en français. J’ai donc traduit comme suit.)

As a 64 years old, my own progression, guided by my inner feelings still goes on and, today, I feel ready, with you, to think about and collaborate in order to build up through education another humanity, still going on developing my human potential.

Martine Guenneau

(1) 32 years ago, for a period of 6 years , a psychoanalyst helped me overcome my fears and become who I am today.

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