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My approach on education

“Truth is a country without path “

“Ignorance is not the lack of knowledge,
but lack of self-knowledge"

Jiddu Krishnamurti

What are the meaning and the finality of the education of the human beings ?

If the goal of education is to make it possible for a human being to live free, happy and to be able to develop his intelligence in himself, with the others and the world, then, how can we carry this out ?

Here and now, without waiting more, two main axes, can interact and lead us to it:

For children, and soon as they are conceived, let us stop “the traditional education” based on reproduction, prejudices, feeling of guilt, competition, comparison, which are at the origin of our sufferings and our fears…

In daily life, let us learn with humility
to observe, to listen, to hear the needs of the child, his rhythms, his desires, how he is filled with wonder, he acts, feels and feels again… Thanks to his own law of nature, he has his own inner guide and he can even be our guide, since being a young person, he is carrying less obstacles than us.

But, observation, love and “common sense” are not enough.
The job of parents, like any profession, requires a
training in order to understand the psychology of the development of the child, in the objective of a complete education, for the fulfilment of the child in his environment, throughout his life.

For the already “educated” adults, and thus deformed, formatted, “us all”, a growing knowledge of our family conditioning, our educational, cultural, social, religious background, is the only way to be freed from formatting and education, and capacity to open or return to our true nature, our being in the world, and to fully welcome the present moment.

The adult often seeks to know how a car functions, or how a computer works, how does the mouse or the dragonfly multiply …
But basically, does he know how himself “function” as well as “the other one“ of opposite sex ?

The human being, girl or boy, was not trained for love, life, the art of living, to awakening…
His education did not make him responsible with respect to nature, meaning of life, the place which he occupies in the universe, so that he can recognize himself as an unsplit human being, bound to the world in its complexity.

Knowledge of oneself, of the laws of human nature, and of universal differences between women and men in their complementarity, must make it possible to better understand oneself and each other in order to live better and find the way to evolution.
But then… can one say there is education without self-knowledge ?

Current report shows that the majority of our young adults, in spite of more than twenty years of school in the mode possession existence, and passive in the mode learn, although carrying much knowledge (of which they did not have to produce nor to create anything new), can nevertheless feel a deep interior suffering, the vacuum of their own self.

Divided, piled up knowledge, did not make it possible to give meaning and desires of life. They lead neither to creativity nor to independence and even less to a feeling of plenitude and inner peace.

What a waste for our human resources !

My approach on education is closely related to my history and my experiment of life.
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